Welcome to Our mission is to connect love globally. Everything starts with a call. Our women can speak English and are all looking for a man with a good heart, who wishes to support a woman, who needs love and affection. There is no reason to be lonely in these times. The first call is important for the introduction. We are not soliciting sex calls - but pure intentions of meeting a partner only. For more guidelines please click here.


Profiles from Thailand


36 years old

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44 years old

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33 years old

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45 years old

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30 years old

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Adopt me now is founded by Lord Lars Castenlund, founder of Global Network of Love in the year 1998. This is a 100 legit website with good intentions only.

We care for people and the truth. At this time, people do not have the best life given the conditions of Covid and Government regulations. Many lost their jobs, and in general, many people lost contact with other people as a result of the lockdowns globally. We aim to highlight those women who are pure in their heart, who reach out through our website in search of a good-hearted man, who will be able to support the woman, and the family behind.

Our girls are average working women. Mothers, and daughters. They make a very low income, and together we can support by our website, as each woman will receive the money from the arrangement we can accomplish together.

We are not a swiping service. We establish connections by calls. If the first call won't make any good relationship, there is not any reason for you to continue. But IF you do make a good relationship with the woman of your choice, we offer the next step for building a future together. By heart. We wish you the best of luck and stand by for any question you might have.